Legislative and Community Advocacy

The Autism Society of Florida advocates for and contributes to crafting legislation to protect, empower and improve the quality of life for people with autism in all aspects of life.

We forge relationships with legislators as well as people in our communities to educate, inform and create awareness about the needs of individuals with autism in Florida. We are committed to helping people advocate for their children and teaching self advocacy skills to adults on the autism spectrum.

If you share our passion, have skills to offer and are interested in volunteering to help advocate on a more global scale, contact us and put those skills to work. Let's work together to create a better more inclusive world for everyone.


Glass Buildings

Bills to watch this coming 2022 legislative session:


Senate Bill 236/House Bill 15 - Children with Developmental Delays

This bill, if it becomes law, would extend the age for DD IEP eligibility (Developmentally Delayed)

from age 6 to age 9.


Senate Bill 390/House Bill 235 Restraint of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools

This bill would prohibit school personnel from using mechanical restraint (hand cuffs, zip ties, straight jackets) on students with disabilities.


Senate Bill 538/House Bill 255: Private Instructional Personnel Providing Applied Behavior Analysis Services

This bill would allow Registered Behavior Technicians that a parent chooses to send into the school setting, to be permitted. Senate Bill 1108 that passed years ago, covered CBAs, SLPs, OT, etc, but there was no such thing as RBTs at the time. This change would now include them.


HB1055 would require all Florida school districts to complete and vote on whether to implement classroom cameras by Jan 2023. Of course we would prefer cameras in all classrooms, and not left up to districts to vote on.


It's important to contact you legislators and let them know how important these bills are to you and others.

They need to hear personal stories to inform and influence them. If no one calls them, then it's as if they're not needed and all is well with special education. 




"One person can make

a difference and everyone should try."