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The Florida Legislature is currently in session. Below are items that the Autism Society is currently focussed on.

Please contact your representatives and senators to tell them how important these issues are to your family.

For more information visit our Public Policy Page.

Across the Spectrum

Parent Support Group

Broward County

NEXT MEETING: March 3, 2020


In the Meeting Room

9170 West State Road 84

From 7:00PM - 8:30 PM

This Broward County Parent Support Group offers a chance for parents of people on the autism spectrum to come together to discuss their challenges and successes. Come and talk with other parents to get great advice from people who have traveled down the same road and share your experience with others. See you there!

For more information click HERE

Painting with a Twist

Broward County

On March 4, 2020, @7pm, the Autism Society of Florida is hosting a Painting with a Purpose PARTY!

5810 S University Dr, Suite #106, Davie, FL 33328
This is an awesome way for parents and adults with autism, and ANYONE who wishes to support what the ASF does, to come out and have a GREAT TIME while raising dollars benefiting the efforts of the Autism Society of Florida.
Register here: 
If you can’t make it but would like to sponsor an adult with autism to attend, please register and identify your name as “Scholarship” then your last name 
100% of the proceeds goes to support efforts to create safe schools.

Building on Strengths

REACH - FacebookLIVE

You won't want to miss this! Monday, March 9th at 11:00 AM FacebookLIVE - BUILDING ON STRENGTHS - Join us as we are joined by Dr Barry Prizant, CCC-SLP, one of the world's leading authorities on autism. We will be talking about identifying and encouraging the strengths found in people with autism. This session is for anyone desiring a deeper understanding, through the expertise of a mindful professional in the field of autism, to answer the bigger and more meaningful questions that guide successes of those on the spectrum. Dr. Prizant is recognized as an innovator of respectful person and family-centered approaches for people with autism and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Autism Day at the Capitol

Florida State Capitol Rotunda

The Autism Society of Florida was at the Capitol Building on January 30, 2020 for



ASF is currently advocating for better outcomes for people with autism in Florida and beyond by working with our legislators in Florida and Washington D.C.

Please visit our PUBLIC POLICY page and our ADVOCACY page to learn more about the current legislation and how you can stay involved.


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Cameras in Classrooms

SUPPORT Senate Bill 1644; House Bill 1231 Parameters on Restraint and Ban on Seclusion/Cameras in Classrooms #letcamerasbeourvoice

Florida has struggled with being able to guarantee the safety of our students. From the Panhandle to South Florida. Stories are surfacing all too often proving just how vulnerable our children truly are.

The Autism Society of Florida has joined with other activists and organizations across the state to advocate for legislation requiring cameras in classrooms designated as “ESE classrooms” – separate classrooms for children with disabilities.

Visit our website for the latest information and please sign our petition. Click the hashtag below.

Restraint and Seclusion

SUPPORT Senate Bill 1644; House Bill 1231 Parameters on Restraint and Ban on Seclusion/Cameras in Classrooms


Students in Florida are being restrained and secluded at alarming rates. ASF is working with legislators to implement mandatory guidelines for restraint and ban seclusion in the state of Florida.

When we send our children to school we assume they will be safe from abuse and neglect and treated with respect. Serious risks associated with the use of Restraint and Seclusion: Injury, Increased Aggression, Post Traumatic Stress.



ASF is advocating for the advancement

of House Bill 79. Student Elopement; Requires public schools to create School Staff Assistance for Emergencies (SAFE) Team & school elopement plan; provides requirements for team & plan; requires & provides requirements for elopement quick reference guides for certain students; requires public schools to annually submit their plans to district school board. Engage with your legislators to encourage them to support this bill. Share with them how this effects your family and drive home the importance of this legislation.

Drowning Prevention ADVOCATE FOR HOUSE BILL 2067 for appropriation of funding

Drowning is the #1 cause of death in autism, and Florida leads the way in drowning deaths of children. Kids with ASD are 160 times more likely to experience nonfatal and fatal drowning than their neurotypical peers.

The Autism Society of Florida provides swim lesson scholarships that help to save lives. Training in autism is provided to water safety instructors to prepare them for teaching necessary skills to children and adults with autism. 

Education Advocacy


Starting in 2020. FOR ASF MEMBERS

Join today to gain access to this amazing opportunity to engage in this interactive live stream series featuring Education Advocate, Stacey Hoaglund. Topics to be included: Important dates to remember, evaluations, eligibilities, writing measurable and meaningful goals, services, placement, accommodations, special considerations, behavior plans and more!  

CLICK HERE to become a member.

Autism CARES Act

Reauthorization (2019)


President Trump signed #AutismCARES Act H.R. 1058 into law. In the last year, you have sent over 3,000 letters to Congress through our online Action Center specifically supporting Autism Cares, congratulations! This bill reauthorizes and improves the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, and Supports (CARES) Act for another five years. This law helps millions of children, youth, and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities by providing important basic and applied research, interdisciplinary training of professionals, public education, and critical services and supports. 

Tour de Force 4 Autism

For Adults with Autism


#TourdeForce4Autism is an Autism Society of Florida event providing adults with autism the opportunity to tour a police station and learn about law enforcement. This program gives officers a better understanding of people with autism by having up close and personal interactions and receive first hand knowledge.

Special thanks to Broward Sheriff's Office 

and Executive Captain Martin Hedelund


Hippocrates Health Institute Partnership

THANK YOU to Hippocrates Health Institute for partnering with the Autism Society of Florida. Your support will help us reach more families across Florida by fulfilling our mission to advocate for better outcomes for people with autism. HHI focusses on health and wellness for their guests in their beautiful West Palm Beach, FL setting. 

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT. (561) 471-8876

Autism Society of Florida


The Autism Society of Florida attended the Miami Dade Legislative Delegation Hearing in December to advocate for House Bill 79 Elopement Protocol; Draft Bill 69642 Restraint and Seclusion/Cameras in Classrooms; and House Bill 2067 Drowning Prevention. Contact your legislators to let them know just how important it is to have their support.

Find your Representatives:

Find your Senators:

Autism License Plate

Autism Services Grant

THANK YOU to the Autism Services Grant Council (Autism License Plate) for honoring us this year with a grant to provide water safety instruction and training on autism to water instructors throughout our state! We are excited to be making a difference in the drowning prevention of children and adults on the spectrum and GREATLY appreciate the support of the Council and from ALL of those who have autism license plates. If you don't have one, get one :)

Oriole Elementary 

Resource Fair 

Community Advocacy

At the recent Resource Fair at Oriole Elementary School the Autism Society of Florida was on hand to offer support and guidance to families of students on the autism spectrum. ASF reaches out into the community to provide information to assist people to be the best advocated they can for their loved ones and for themselves.   

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