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The Autism Society of Florida has been serving families for 34 years. We work every day in many ways to improve life for everyone with autism and the families who love them across the spectrum and across the lifespan.


ASF is comprised entirely of volunteers, mostly parents and people with autism. By donating to the Autism Society of Florida you will be supporting initiatives in a variety of areas including legislative and community advocacy, first responder training, drowning prevention, water safety and more. Most importantly, you'll share in the satisfaction of empowering the lives of people with autism. 

Your support helps us reach far beyond the families we serve. It helps us build a society of greater compassion and one that opens up more opportunities for individuals with autism. Your tax-deductible donation will immediately benefit your community, right here and right now.

We appreciate your donation!

Your contribution will help us reach our goal to empower the lives of people with autism. Thank you!


Thank you


ASF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. 

Your tax-deductible donation will immediately benefit your community.

Complete form, click submit and proceed to Buy Now link. 

Thank you for donating to ASF.


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