Next Support Group:  February 2nd @7pm - 8:30pm

NO parent should feel alone in their journey of raising a child with autism. It’s HARD to care for them, teach them, advocate for them, fight for them, all while taking care of ourselves at the same time. We are parents just like any other human being. Our kids don’t come with a special manual or born to parents who have a certain set of skills. We learn as we go. Sometimes we figure things out fairly quickly, and sometimes it takes years of hard work and perspiration. If we try to do it all alone, or feel that we’ve been abandoned by those we once counted on, life can easily begin to feel as though it’s impossible.


Research has shown that parents who have a support system and actively attack problems with the help of others, including their own mental and physical ones, will have less stress than those who disengage or cope in unhealthy ways.


The autism community is filled with loving, supportive,

and dedicated parents who will hug you, cry with you, and go

to battle with you if that’s what’s needed.

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