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ASF Initiatives


Autism Society of Florida 

provides autism training to police officers, fire departments, emergency rooms and other first responders with training information and life saving techniques to assist in encounters with people with autism across Florida.


CONTACT US to schedule a training.



The Autism Society of Florida board of directors is comprised mainly of parents and adults with autism. We understand the issues that families face and are passionate about advocating and assisting in the creation of legislation to protect and empower people with autism. To stay up to date with the work we're doing and how you can help, join our mailing list.



The Autism Society of Florida is excited to bring the PEERS program to the community. PEERS is an evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated young adults who are interested in making and keeping friends.

This group meets online and works to develop relationships that last a lifetime.


Art and Gaming Classes

We provide online art and gaming classes for children. These classes give kids the opportunity to find their creative side, while also making friends and sharing their gifts with others.  These classes occur on a monthly basis.

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Drowning is the #1 cause of

death in children with autism. 

ASF provides swim lesson

scholarships that help

to save lives. Training in autism

is provided to water safety instructors

to prepare them for teaching necessary skills to children and adults

on the autism spectrum. 

Contact us for more info.


REACH for knowledge

Resource, Education, Advice, Compassion and Hope live stream program features experts each month on topics related to best practices in autism. REACH benefits everyone and "reaches" people in remote areas that need this connection. This excellent resource will equip you with the knowledge you need on a diverse selection of topics. 



ASF has held its Annual Training in Transition for 15 years. More than 5,000 attendees have received premiere training from national experts in the field of transition. This project educates those who work directly with adults with autism, especially related to employment and independent living.


CPR Parent Training

The drowning rate of children with autism is 160 times greater than those who are not on the autism spectrum. Parents must know how to respond in an emergency situation. The ASF, in partnership with Florida Fire Chiefs, provides in-person CPR training to parents and caregivers across the state. Free door alarms are also provided.

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