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Water Safety Champion

We wanted to take a moment and thank the City of Sunrise Aquatic Center Recreation Supervisor of Aquatics, Kendra Eckstrom, who helped clear the way for a wonderful feature on WPLG Local 10 last week.

We want to especially recognize, as an Autism Champion, Melanie Manzanarez for her dedication to children with special needs. She is a gifted and patient water safety instructor and has much to offer kids with autism as they learn to swim.

A little note from Melanie:

I have been a lifeguard and water safety instructor for about four years now. It has always been so fulfilling to see how much children or even adults can progress during swim lessons with proper instruction. Especially while living in Florida with so many bodies of water around, swim lessons are essential! Personally, I have enjoyed being involved with different Autism programs my whole life, throughout grades 6-8 I volunteered with Surfers for Autism, and in the years following I became president of my high school's Peer Palz club. I am now a full-time University student (first generation) hoping to pursue a career in athletic training while lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons for The City of Sunrise!



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