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Training in Transition

The Autism Society of Florida will hold its annual Training in Transition on March 22, 2024.


More than 3,300 attendees have received premiere training from local, state and internationally recognized specialists in the field of transition.

This project educates those who work directly with adults with autism, especially related to employment and independent living. The focus is on improving quality of life and getting our attendees to recognize what that might look like for a person with autism and how to, through exposing and realizing their strengths, include them in the process of determining job opportunities.



We need to see more people with autism obtain gainful and sustainable employment, and a higher quality of life as a result. Since we specifically focus on those working in the field, an expanded impact can occur, since each person touches so many. We are striving for a cultural change in how those with autism are viewed within Florida industries. Our goal is that those with autism will find a higher quality of life through the support of more knowledgeable professionals.


The Annual Training in Transition events have been funded by the Florida Autism Speciality License Plate. GET YOUR LICENSE PLATE TODAY to see more great things happen for those on the spectrum, and those who love and support them.

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